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I am going to use this blog to tell you about my Learning Journey. I’ll add all my achievements from inside and outside school.  I’ll also add some news about what’s happening in my life. Click on the ‘Categories’ section in my sidebar to find out more.

My Reading Book

Hey world, Today I'm going to my reading book so far. It is called "The 
Country Pancake." We have read up to chapter 3. At the start Lancelot gets a new teacher, Miss Mirrabelle. 
It is nearly open day and Miss Mirrabelle doesn't have a plan. The head teacher Mrs. Spicer asked Miss Mirrabelle what she was doing .Miss 
Mirrabelle tells a lie and said that what she was doing was a secret. 
Miss Mirrabelle told the class to think and eventually after painting a meadow with a cow pat in the center of it Lancelot had an idea that 
could save Miss Mirrabelle.  
                              That's it so far. Hope I inspired you to 
                              read "The Country Pancake." 

My big sisters 21st birthday

On Saturday it was my sisters party. Her birthday is today though. My family had to get there first so we could set up. At the party there s lots of Kirsty’s friends and I became friend as with some of them. For example I became friends with, Ramsey S, Aron S, Laura R, Leah G and Eliot. when the song  way or another by 1D came on I started dancing to the NRG moves. Then Ramsey came up and said, “if u can show up your bid sister I will take u to Krispy Kreme, if Kirsty shows u up I will buy her the next drink she wants,” so I said ” yes!” I won so next week Ramsey is taking me and my big sister to Krispy Kreme. The party was amazing.

See u soon – Hayley!

Random Acts of Kindness Report

Recently we have been trying out kindness ideas from the Random Acts of Kindness website!
The aim of the Random Acts of Kindness is to create a better world by doing and sharing a Random Act of Kindness!
There are 12 different types of ambassadors such as Joyfulness,  Cheerful,  Peace,  Loyalty,  Caring, Inspiration,  Loving,  Friendliness, Co-operation, Goodwill, listening and thoughtfulness! Iam the ambassador of Joyfulness! 
Our first job was to write compliments for each other on a sheet of coloured paper that we got to take home in a brown envelope!
Our second job was to make compliment snowflakes which we secretly hung on the teacher’s door. 
We also made smile cards that said “you’ve just been tagged, now pass a kind activity on to keep the spirit going! “
We made letters addressed to the primary 1 pupils saying that we were going to read them a book that we made especially for them. 
We went to the primary 1 pupils the next day and read them the book that we made fore them!
On Wednesday the 27/02/13 we will go down to the primary 1 pupils classroom and give them the book that we read to them to keep forever!  They really did like the books!